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Our work with Criteo conversion campaigns has generated great performance for our clients and is a key pillar in our e-commerce offer. We are delighted to continue the evolution with the Consideration campaigns to expand our target and clients’ brand. We look forward to growing our partnership with Criteo Partners.

- Raúl Ferrer, General Director of Okisam

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Explore the new digital media channels making waves among agencies in the US and EMEA

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A closer look at the forces shaping shoppable moments everywhere.  

From retailers going offsite to Gen Z and ChatGPT, learn the most critical drivers influencing a new commerce landscape.  

2023 Commerce Media 

What´s inside?

Intel based on conversations across our more than 22,000 advertising clients globally on how:

Consumers couldn’t care less about channels. 

Retailer data is changing the programmatic paradigm. 

A new breed of commerce expert is in demand. 

New and emerging channels are gaining ground. 

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Omnichannel and phygital isn’t ONE strategy, they’re the ONLY strategy. 

Moving forward, the best bet is a retailer data set. 

New commerce models will shortcut operations and distill outcomes. 

Budget migration is the only growth opportunity for media buyers. 

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See why everyone is going granular, and profitability comes first. 

In 2023, revenue trumps everything.

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