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Our work with Criteo conversion campaigns has generated great performance for our clients and is a key pillar in our e-commerce offer. We are delighted to continue the evolution with the Consideration campaigns to expand our target and clients’ brand. We look forward to growing our partnership with Criteo Partners.

- Raúl Ferrer, General Director of Okisam

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The increase in online shoppers buying from  5+ retailers vs one year ago.


Explore the new digital media channels making waves among agencies in the US and EMEA


Share of low-mid income consumers who report spending the same or more on travel, eating out, and luxury goods. This increases to 54% or more for  high-income consumers.

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In 2023, consumers are finding ways to shop smarter while still making room to buy the things they love. Criteo surveyed more than 12,400 consumers around the world to understand how inflation is influencing their shopping preferences and behavior. 

Dive into five major trends, available as a global snapshot as well as ten country-level editions. 

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Bring richer experiences to consumers, and more growth for you, with commerce media

Reach and monetize audiences that are shopping online more than ever. With Criteo’s Commerce Media Platform, you can activate the world’s largest set of first-party commerce data and best-in-class AI to acquire new customers and retain loyal buyers.

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